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Dauphin (Top)
RITZ Machine Works Inc. 507 - 1st Ave. S.E. Dauphin (MB) R7N 3J5 1-888-485-3780 F(204) 638-7461

North Benito (Top)
Ag Shield Manufacturing 170 Highway 83 North Benito (MB)R0L 0C0 Country (800)-561-0132 F(204)-539-2130

North Carman (Top)
Blayd Corporation 184 Main Street North Carman (MB) R0G 0J0 1-204-745-2878 F1-204-745-3828 e-mail

Plum Coulee (Top)
Peters' Machine Shop 67 Elm St. Plum Coulee (MB) R0G 1R0 1-204-829-3643

Selkirk (Top)
Amsco Cast Products Inc. 35 Mercy St. Selkirk (MB) R1A 1N5 (204) 482-4442 F(204)-482-8980

South Morden (Top)
Buhler Manufacturing 301 Mountain St. South Morden (MB) R6M 1X7 1-204-822-4467 F: 1-204-822-6348

St. Paul (Top)
Progressive Manufacturing Ltd. 3420 Main St. West St. Paul (MB)R4A 5A4 (204) 338-7911 F:(204) 339-3412

Winkler (Top)
Integra Castings Inc.200 Pacific St. Winkler (MB) R6W 4B3 1-204-325-7376 F:1-204-325-4858

Winnipeg (Top)
Acrylon Plastics Inc. 122 Paquin Rd., Winnipeg (MB) R2J 3V4 (204) 669-2224 F:(204) 654-9768 Map e-mail
Advance Sheet Metal Co. Ltd. 786 Dufferin Ave. Winnipeg (MB) R2W 2Z6 (204) 582-1002 F(204) 582-4787
Advanced Composite Structures Inc. 43 Muir Rd. Winnipeg (MB) (204) 982-6565 F(204) 982-6555
Ancast Industries Ltd. 1350 Saskatchewan Ave.Winnipeg (MB) R3E 0L2 (204) 786-7911 F: (204) 786-2548
Argus Industries Inc. 20 Murray Park R. Winnipeg (MB) R3J 3T9 (204) 837-4660 F:(204) 896-4250
Auto Line Products Ltd. 675 Golspie St. Winnipeg (MB) R2K 2V2 (204) 668-8242 F:(204)663-8704
Automotive Accessory Co. Ltd. 771 Main St.Winnipeg (MB) R2W 3N5 Country 1-800-884-0366 F:(204) 956-4518
Base Composite Technologies Inc. 18 Bayshore Cove Winnipeg (MB) R3J 3G3 (204) 255-7438 F:(204) 255-6143
Big Deal Custom Casings 13-601 Bowman Ave. Winnipeg (MB) R2K 1P7 (800) 337-3325 F:(204) 668-7404
Bristol Aerospace Limited 660 Berry St. Winnipeg (MB) R3C 2S4(204) 775-8331 F:(204) 775-7494
Camco Industries Ltd. 1425 Whyte Ave. Winnipeg (MB) R3E 1V7 800-218-6064 F:(204) 786-8548 e-mail
Canadian Propeller Ltd.462 Brooklyn St. Winnipeg (MB) R3J 1M7 1-800-773-6853 F(204) 888-4696
Canadian Tool and Die Ltd. 1331 Chevrier Blvd. Winnipeg (MB) R3T 1Y4 (204) 453-6833 F:(204) 453-3803 e-mail
Commercial Plating, Inc. 590 King Edward St.Winnipeg (MB) R3H 0P1(204) 774-2997 F:204 783-7241 Map
Custom Castings Ltd 2015 Dugald Rd. Winnipeg (MB) R2J 0H3 (204) 663-9142 F:(204) 663-9099
Dynamic Machine Corp1407 Dugald Rd.Winnipeg (MB) R2J 0H3 Country(204) 982-4900 F:(204)233-9484
EPT Manufacturing Ltd. 1000 Powell Ave. Winnipeg (MB) R3H 0H6 (204) 632-0938 F:(204) 697-0578 e-mail
Forte Tool & Die Ltd. 1561 Clarence Ave.Winnipeg (MB) R3T 1T5 (204) 475-1677 F:(204) 475-6781
Hillary Production Machining LTD. 1100 Wall Street Winnipeg (MB) Canada r3e 2r9 204-788-4630 (See Showcase)
K & S Tool & Die Ltd. 45 Sylvan Way Winnipeg (MB) R2R 2B9 (204) 697-2951 F:(204) 697-4125 e-mail
Langtry Industries Ltd. 380 McGee St. Winnipeg (MB)R3G 1M9 (204) 775-8261 F:(204) 783-0987
Mackow Custom Machine Ltd.1395 Whyte Ave. Winnipeg (MB) R3E 1V7 (204) 774-8323 F:(204) 774-8114
Melet Plastics Inc. 34 De Baets St. Winnipeg (MB) R2J 3S9 (204) 667-6635 F:(204) 663-9345
Metric Machine Ltd. 27 Watt St. Winnipeg (MB) R2L 1R5 (204) 668-9311 F:(204) 668-9313
Micro-Tool and Machine Ltd.1166 Sanford St. Winnipeg (MB) R3E 2Z9 (204) 774-1641 F:(204) 774-1643
Monarch Industries Ltd. 51 Burmac Rd. Winnipeg (MB) R3C 3E4 1-800-665-0247 F:(204)786-2241
N-Corp Technology Ltd. 2200-201 Portage Ave. Winnipeg (MB)R3B 2K6 Country 204-799-3565 F 204-888-3170
Northern Aero Ind. Ltd. 1845 St. Matthews Ave. Winnipeg (MB) R3H 0A8 (204) 772-9922 F:(204) 783-5436 e-mail
NV Plastics 1363 Border St. Winnipeg (MB) R3H 0X4 (204) 632-4581 F:(204) 632-8585 e-mail
Pattern Castings 1585 Dugald Rd.Winnipeg (MB) R2J 0H3 1-888-231-1540 F(204) 663-9217
Precision Metalcraft Inc. 72 Parklane Ave. Winnipeg (MB) R2R 0K2 (204) 694-7200 F:(204) 694-5123
Pritchard Mfg Ltd.111 Bannister Rd Winnipeg (MB) R3C 3A1 (204) 632-0639 F:(204) 632-0171 Map e-mail
Standard Aero Ltd. 33 Allen Dyne Rd., Hangar #6 Winnipeg (MB) R3H 1A1 (204) 788-2145 F:(204) 788-2605
Standard Manufacturers Services Ltd. 691 Golspie St.Winnipeg (MB) R2K 2V3(204) 956-6300 F(204) 661-4613
State Industries Ltd. Unit 8 - 1377 Border St. Winnipeg (MB) R3H 0N1 (204) 697-2586 F:(204) 697-2592
Tailor-Made Metal & Automation 40 Caithness St. Winnipeg (MB) R3H 0V4 (204) 633-3400 F(204)633-5352 e-mail
Tool Tech Systems Ltd. Unit 2-16 Mazenod Rd Winnipeg (MB) R2J 4H2 1-877-533-8665 F(204) 231-1250
Winnipeg Machine Works Ltd. 239 Cree Crescent Winnipeg (MB) R3J 3Y2 1-866-925-4900 F:(204) 925-4905
Winnipeg Plastics & Tool Ltd. 797 Erin St. Winnipeg (MB) R3G 2W2 (204) 774-2645 F:(204) 786-1164

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